Submitted Section (for journalists)

The "Submitted" section come from two sources:
- When an Artist elects to send a Dispatch to a specific StoryAmp Press List (currently by concert city; eventually by release genre). These Dispatches will also show up in emails you receive from StoryAmp. - When someone submits a Dispatch through the special URL StoryAmp provides to you as a journalist for submissions. Read more about that in the "Submissions URL" article.

A Dispatch is simply our word for a "press release," though we require tat each Dispatch be pegged to an activity date: either a performance or a release. This allows these story ideas to always be sorted by urgency, or filtered out if the appropriate lead time has passed.


You might find useful the "filter" buttons on the left-hand side of the Submitted page. Say you cover Americana for Paste, Rock at the New York Times, and Children's Music for a blog. You have a call scheduled with your NY Times editor tomorrow and you want to take a quick scan of what's coming up. You can click on the Rock button in your genre filter and mask all the other releases. Similarly, if you cover concerts for several weekly newspapers around the country, you may want to only see one city at a time in the Submitted section. You can click on more than one genre to see more release Dispatches, or more than one city to see more concert Dispatches.

Note that Genre filters only refer to releases and City filters only refer to performances in StoryAmp.


  • Click on Previously Submitted to see Dispatches who are past your lead time
  • Click on the title to see the full Dispatch (which has more info, etc.)
  • Click on Add to Queued (which places the Dispatch in your Queued section for further reading, listening)
  • Stream one track (if Artist has enabled the audio feature)