Private Submission URL (for journalists)

We hope that you decide to use StoryAmp as a primary tool set for organizing your work as a music journalist. We realized that the only way that would be possible is if your existing music sources (record labels, publicists, manager, etc.) could easily submit their music story ideas directly to you.

So we created the Private Submission URL. If you go to My Account and scroll to the bottom, you will see a unique URL: followed by several random characters. You can copy and paste that URL and provide it to your existing music industry contacts. They will be guided through creating a Dispatch and then selecting the Dispatch to submit to you. The Dispatch will show up in your Submitted section within the StoryAmp website. If they already have a StoryAmp account, they can click on your Private Submission URL and instead of creating a new Dispatch, they simply select which Dispatch they are submitting to you.


We polled music journalists and found that the methods they use to keep track of music pitches and story ideas varied widely, including Excel spreadsheets, sticky notes, scraps of paper, piles of CDs, iPods, and just keeping it in their heads. Most people we polled use some combination of these approaches. With the diversity of formats of recordings (professional CDs, CDRs, flat promo envelopes, and dozens of digital formats), a single system has been tough to follow. By creating a system that is based on the activity date and filterable by genre and lead time, we hope this is a more uniform format to ease some of the friction.

We would like StoryAmp to become your primary system for finding and tracking music story ideas. Please tell us what features would help you do the work you do.