Short List (for journalists)

The Short List is a place where you can put up to ten Dispatches whose releases or concerts you plan to cover. Once an item is in the Short List, you can drag and drop them to change their priority order. Think of it as the final pile or file for projects you want to write about after sifting through all the releases on your desk.

You get new music story ideas from:
- StoryAmp emails - the Recommended section - anyone you ask to submit items to you using the Private Submission URL

As you skim through these sources or listen to them, you can then put the ones you want to read or listen to in full in your Queue.

Then once you listen or read more fully and decide something is indeed something you want to cover, you can keep track of them by putting them into your Short List.

Try it out and let us know how this two-step sifting process works for you. Let us know you suggestions to make it more useful to you!