Queued Section (for journalists)

Your Queue is a place to flag Dispatches that strike your interest while scanning through StoryAmp emails, the Recommended section, the Submitted section, and the StoryAmp Radio. You can then go into the Queued section in a second round of consideration.

While in Queued, you can listen to a single track for audio-enabled Dispatches or click through to see a Full Dispatch. You can remove an item from your Queue. You can view Past Queued items, in case you accidentally remove an item before you are finished with it. And once you decide to cover a concert or release, you can "Short List" up to ten Dispatches.

You can think of it like this: The items that show up in your email, Submitted, or Recommended are like the CDs in the mail. They are the big pile of CDs after the mail delivery comes. Then you sort through the CDs based on the packaging, a first glance at the press release, or the return address and the pile gets smaller; that's your Queued pile that you want to play some music from. Then as you listen to that pile, talk to an editor or look at the assignment calendar, and you start to get a sense of which releases or concerts you plan to cover making up your Short List. Within each Dispatch, there is a Notes section; that's like putting a sticky note on the CD or press release. And then there is the StoryAmo Radio, where the metaphor falls apart, because when else could you listen to a track from all your music pitching sources one click at a time?