My Account / Profile and Preferences (for journalists)

StoryAmp is a platform that you can customize to your preferences to make it work better for you. Click on the My Account link in the upper right corner of StoryAmp to change your contact info, email, media outlets, and preferences.


Select as many genres as you cover to make sure you don't miss any releases relevant to your coverage area. Note that genres only affect which releases you will see in the Recommended section and in StoryAmp emails you receive. Performances are not filtered by genre.


Select all the cities whose concerts you want to keep track of. All Dispatches in each city you select will show up in your Recommended section and, if the artist chooses elects to distribute their Dispatch via email, in the StoryAmp emails you receive. Concert Dispatches are not filtered by genre.


When an artist elects to distribute their Dispatches via email, by default you will receive their Dispatch three times: six weeks, four weeks, and two weeks before the concert or release date. Since you will only get a maximum of one email per day, if you are set to get more than one email on a given day, they will be grouped into a digest-style email. Our intent is to keep things on your radar in a timely way without being intrusive. We believe as more artists, labels, and publicists move over to the StoryAmp format, your inbox will become less and less cluttered. We hope you will give this new approach to getting story ideas a chance by receiving all three emails for each Dispatch. But we understand if you only want to receive one or two emails for each Dispatch. You can change those settings in My Account. You control how much email you get from StoryAmp and can change the settings any time you want.


Whenever you receive a StoryAmp email you will have the option of unsubscribing from individual artists. If you see an artist in a StoryAmp email who you know you will never cover, simply unsubscribe from them and you won't receive their Dispatches by email ever again. You can see a list of artists you have unsubscribed from here in My Account. And if for some reason you change your mind, you can change the artist subscription setting in My Account. You control whether you get StoryAmp emails from artists you know you will not cover.


We know that one of the points of frustration with all the music story ideas that come across your desk is getting things too late for your deadlines. The Lead Time preference in your account settings reduces the clutter. If an activity date (release or concert) is too soon for your lead time, it will not show up in your Recommended or Submitted sections. StoryAmp allows for a lead time from one to six weeks. If your lead time requires even longer than six weeks advance notice, please select six weeks. If journalists prefer a longer lead time we can adjust the options. Just let us know what will help you.


We provide you with a private URL that you can give to artists, labels, and publicists to allow them to submit releases or concerts to your Submitted section. You can post this link on a blog or web profile page so you do not need to give out your email address on the web to potential story subjects. And then if you are getting too many irrelevant pitches, you can Reset your Private Submission URL in My Accounts.

If you decide that StoryAmp will be a primary tool for helping you sift, sort, and select what to cover, this allows you to tell your music industry contacts NOT to fill your email inbox with press releases but to submit a Dispatch instead.

Basic artist accounts are free, but you can specify to music industry contacts whether it is important for them to get a premium account so that you have audio integrated into their Dispatches. Even with a free account an artist can include links to an audio page or other band page; it's just not quite as easy as having audio integrated into the StoryAmp system. If you have an artist or industry contact who is reluctant, contact us and we can offer them a promotion code to try the premium account for free.