Emails I Receive from StoryAmp (for journalists)


As a journalist with a StoryAmp account, you will receive emails from StoryAmp when an Artist elects to "distribute" one of their Dispatches (our word for "press releases"). StoryAmp is committed to creating and maintaining tools that help music journalists discover, filter, and organize music submissions for coverage consideration. Our goals are to decrease the amount of email flooding your email inbox, make the music submissions you get a better fit for your coverage and interest areas, and provide information in a format that makes it easier and quicker for you to get to your role as a curator of music rather than wasting time as a sifter of mis-targeted or too late music pitches.

For all of those reasons, StoryAmp will send you no more than ONE email per day. If there is only one Dispatch set to be distributed to you on a given day, you will get the full Dispatch. If there are more than one Dispatch set to go to you, you will receive a digest-style email with multiple Dispatch Listings. The Listings will still provide you with what we guess are the minimal items needed to do a quick scan to decide whether it is something you want to flag for deeper consideration or something you have ruled out for coverage.


  • A small visual photo. A quick reference point.
  • A short blurb.
  • A date and city, if it's an event Dispatch.
  • A date and a release title, if it's a release Dispatch
  • Genre(s)
  • A link to listen to an audio track
  • A link to add the Dispatch/Event to your Queue (like a Netflix queue but for story ideas)
  • A link to read the full Dispatch (where everything you need for coverage consideration lives)
  • A link that lets you unsubscribe from a particular audience


Go to the My Account section to change your preferences to control what music you see in emails as well as within the website. Note that there are more music story ideas for you within the website. The website will only recommend story ideas that meet your criteria by genre, concert city, and lead time. If you change genre and city preferences you will also change what types of Dispatches will show up in your StoryAmp emails. StoryAmp accounts default to send Dispatches to you 6, 4, and 2 weeks before a concert or release. You can choose receive each Dispatch less often, though we strongly recommend that you give us several weeks to work out kinks and make this a great tool for you. In fact, we strongly request any and all feedback that will make this tool help you more.


In addition to the emails, we hope you will log into the website and discover the robust tools we built with journalists in mind. We think you will find a whole new way of ingesting this new era of plentiful music and tune into more signal than noise. Unless what you want is more noise, in which case we hope you find more of that, more efficiently.

The website includes:

  • Recommended (more Dispatches that meet your genre, city, and lead time requirements; and you can hone in on a specific genre or city as well)

  • Submitted (this includes all the Dispatches that came to you via email; great if you remember seeing something in email but cannot find the email; there is also a function where you can invite all your music sources to submit story ideas/concerts/releases in the StoryAmp format)

  • Queued (Dispatches that you have flagged--within the StoryAmp emails or elsewhere in the StoryAmp website--for deeper reading or listening)

  • Short List (a short list of Dispatches/music story ideas you plan to cover)

  • Radio (a player with three channels based on the categories above: Recommended, Submitted, and Queued; this allows you to quickly listen to one track each of relevant music story ideas while you work on something else, and still get to deeper information if you like something you hear)

  • Feedback/Request Tools (from each Dispatch you can request interviews, albums, information, tickets; and you can leave feedback for a musician/band)

  • Notes (also in each Dispatch you can leave private notes for yourself about the artist, concert, release; it's stickier than sticky notes)