What can StoryAmp do for me? (for journalists)

StoryAmp is a platform that helps you discover concerts and releases in the cities and genres you as a music journalist want to cover and with enough lead time for your deadline requirements.

StoryAmp will help you in these ways:

  • get fewer music pitch emails
  • get fewer mis-targeted music pitches overall
  • discover new music with enough time to cover concerts and releases
  • spend less time sifting through pitches and more time curating for your readers/audience
  • provide an alternative to email for music submissions for your coverage consideration
  • have a single place to keep track of all the concerts and releases you are considering for coverage
  • always have what you need for decisions and coverage in one place
  • never have to search for artist contact info again

How does it work?

You choose your genres, concert cities of interest, and lead time for coverage in My Account. Then you can log in to see Recommended Dispatches (our name for press releases) base don your criteria. As you scroll through the listings, you can read quick blurbs and stream one track to get a sample or you can click the Full Dispatch to read more and stream or download a full album.

You can add a Dispatch you are interested in to your Queue so you can keep track of it. As you go through everything in your Queue, you can add Dispatches you definitely want to cover to a Short List.

Each Dispatch includes everything you need to consider or cover as well as tools to make email requests to the press contact (interviews, tickets, album, etc.) or leave feedback without revealing your identity.

In addition, you will receive StoryAmp emails when an artist elects to distribute a Dispatch to you because of your concert cities or genres. The artist does not receive or see your email address. Instead, StoryAmp constructs an digest-style email; you receive a maximum of one email per day from StoryAmp. This will become especially powerful as more and more artists, labels, and publicists adopt the StoryAmp format, freeing up your inbox.

From the email digests you will be able to add Dispatches to your Queue, stream a single track with one click, go to the Full Dispatch, and even unsubscribe from an Artist who you know you will never cover.

Try it out and let us know what you think. We are committed to making StoryAmp a great tool to help you continue to help curate the musical tastes and interests of your readers/audience. Thank you for trying it out!