Profile (for artists)

Think of your Profile as the basic library where you store items that you can draw on for your Dispatches:

  • Artist name
  • Biography
  • Photos and Videos
  • Genres
  • Audio streams and downloads
  • Links (to your website, social media pages, retail pages, etc.)
  • Contact email address

Here are some tips about these items:

BIOGRAPHY. Since each of your Dispatches will present a specific concert or release to the press, use your Biography for a broader and more historic overview of your career and story. Your Dispatch can change every time you have a new tour or release, but your Biography only needs to be updated periodically, as major developments occur for you as an Artist or Band. An excerpt of your Biography will show up on each Dispatch with a link so that journalists can read the full text as their interest in you deepens.

PHOTOS AND VIDEO. Use a Photo or Video that represents your current work. It's best to have a fresh hi-res Photo for each big release or tour. Photos that have already been seen and/or used a lot in the press have less appeal than something new. You can add as many Photos or Videos as you like, whether you have our free basic account or our premium account. If you add more than one Photo or Video, you will need to select one as the Primary Photo; this is the Photo that StoryAmp will default to in other sections of the website.

GENRES. You can select up to three genres in your Profile. While nobody likes to be pigeonholed, genres are so commonly used by Journalists for quick discovery, it's really important to use this less-than-perfect shortcut for the human brain. Understand that when journalists sign up for a StoryAmp account, they pick the genres they are interested in so that we can direct appropriate Dispatches to each of them. If you select inaccurate genres, you risk alienating yourself from journalists. StoryAmp allows for up to three genres so that you can draw in a variety of people if your sound is more diverse than a single genre. If you absolutely cannot fit into any of the provided genres, we have provided a genre called "Unclassifiable," though we suspect there will be few journalists who choose to receive Unclassifiable music. Feel free to suggest additional genres.

AUDIO. By including audio in your profile, you make it a lot easier for journalists to listen to relevant tracks. With a single click, journalists will be able to stream or download your music. In addition, we offer journalists a radio player that allows them to easily listen to music relevant to the concert cities and the release genres they cover. This is one of the most powerful tools StoryAmp has for journalists. StoryAmp uses SoundCloud to power our audio service. Once you create and integrate your SoundCloud account, you can use your SoundCloud setting to determine whether to allow StoryAmp journalist users to download tracks in addition to streaming them.

LINKS. We recommend that you include a few basic links: your official website, 1-2 social media landing pages, and a retail link. If you use the Profile in this way, try to provide audio with as few clicks as possible.

CONTACT EMAIL ADDRESS. This is the email address that will receive any requests from journalists who are interested in one of your Dispatches. You can control your account with your primary email address, but then assign the "press contact" role to another band member, intern, manager, publicist, etc. by providing their email address here.