Pricing and Payment (for artists)


There are two types of Artist Accounts at StoryAmp:

  • Free Basic Account. When you sign up for a Free Basic Account, you do not need to add a credit card number. Currently, we are not offering this as a Trial account. It's a free account indefinitely. A free account allows you to get started getting the feel and power of StoryAmp with no financial risk. You are allowed to include as many photos or videos as you would like. Audio (through SoundCloud) is integrated into the free account. You may provide links to audio in the Web Link section of your Profile to supplement the audio provided through SoundCloud. However, you will truly leverage the power of a StoryAmp Dispatch when you upgrade to a Premium account, allowing for unlimited concert Fancy Listings which will catch the eye of more journalists than the free one-line listings.


  • Premium Account. The Premium Account is $30/month with no long-term requirement. With a Premium Account you have access to unlimited Fancy Listings not available to our Free Account holders:
    • Unlimited concert Fancy Listings for all "event" Dispatches. Upgrading to the Premium Account gives journalists a larger listing of your event or release complete with a photo, blurb, and more links.


Whether you are a Free or Premium Account holder, you can also choose to upgrade to Fancy Listings for "release" Dispatches. Prices are a flat fee of $250 per genre.


All payments are made with a credit card. Your credit card account will be debited when you upgrade to a Premium Account and each month after that until you cancel or downgrade your account. You may cancel or downgrade your Premium Account at any time, but StoryAmp is not able to refund a monthly subscription fee after it is debited.

Your credit card account will be debited each time you schedule a Fancy Listing for a "release" Dispatch. In all of the above cases, if the artist or their representative adds the Dispatch more than six weeks before the event or release date, the one-line listing or Fancy Listing will be sent out three times on this schedule: 6 weeks, 4 weeks, and 2 weeks before the event or release date. The price for a Fancy Listing Dispatch is not lower if you schedule the Dispatch too late to receive fewer than three emails sent to journalists, so make sure that you create and publish Dispatches more than six weeks before a given event. If your event is canceled, you should cancel your Dispatch and Distribution to maintain good relations with the press. StoryAmp's system includes a cancellation notice that goes out to all journalists affected by a Distribution that is later canceled. StoryAmp is not able to refund Distributions for canceled Dispatches or Distributions, so please make sure to confirm all events before utilizing the Distribution service.