Activity Log (for artists)

The Activity Log allows you to see what kind of reaction your Dispatches are getting from the press. The log will tell you the media outlets of the journalists interacting with your Dispatches and what type of interaction they are having:

  • Views. A journalist has clicked on one of your Dispatches to read more information.
  • Plays. A journalist has streamed a track.
  • Downloads. A journalist has downloaded a track.
  • Feedback. A journalist has left you specific feedback.
  • Distributions. StoryAmp has distributed Dispatches via email.

Using the check boxes at the top of the Activity Log, you can filter which types of activities you want to see.

If you have just added a Dispatch, don't expect to see any Activity yet.


  • Lead Time. We suggest you Publish each Dispatch at least 6 weeks before the respective event. The "Lead Time" is the amount of time a journalist needs to cover an event. An even longer Lead Time can give you access to more journalists, since fewer deadlines have past.

  • Audio. By including audio within each Dispatch, you make it easier for journalists using StoryAmp to access your music.

  • Distributions. You will get the attention of more journalists if you Distribute your Dispatches. With the free StoryAmp account, we will provide a one-line listing to journalists in the city of your event or genre of your release. With the Premium Account, journalists will be provided with a larger listing of your event or release complete with a photo, blurb, and more links. You can use the StoryAmp Distribution Lists or, if you have your own press lists, you can send out your Dispatch to your press list (go to: Dashboard then click Share on the appropriate Dispatch).

  • Compelling Pitch. The words you include in both your Short and Long Pitches do make a difference. Write a boring, run-of-the-mill Pitch and you will get ignored. Write a compelling one and you will be more likely to raw the attention of journalists. If you would like tips for writing compelling Pitches:

    • follow us on Twitter where we post #pitchtips @StoryAmp
    • download our free book on writing pitches Amplify Your Story
    • contact us to inquire about our writing services at team [a.t.] storyamp [d.o.t.] com
  • Make Great Music. Well, this is obvious. As well as: develop a local following through remarkable performances, grow that following, be active on social networks, have cool photos and videos, and interact directly with bloggers in your genre through their comment forums.


If you are not already using Google News Alerts to track articles that mention your band name or album name, we strongly recommend it. With Google News Alerts you can get an email every time a news outlet whose website is open to Google crawlers mentions any keyword you provide. The alternative--a traditional news clipping service like Burrelles Luce--charges close to $400 per month and almost $3 per page clipped.