What does StoryAmp do? (for artists)

Every piece of music has a story. StoryAmp helps musicians and the press connect around those stories. Every concert or recording is an opportunity for musicians to tell their story. But it’s not just about blasting your message to your email lists. StoryAmp helps musicians present their music to members of the press in a helpful way allowing journalists to filter the kinds of music stories they want to receive, when they need it. The new music economy calls for new ways to connect. That’s what StoryAmp does.

Amplify your story. Whether you are going on tour or releasing a new recording, you have a story to tell. Traditional media has proven its staying power and influence on music fans. StoryAmp offers you an easy way to connect with members of the press who write about music. You upload your music, story, photos, videos, concert info, links, and more to create a Dispatch. You can share your Dispatch with your own lists or choose to distribute the Dispatch to one or more of our press lists. StoryAmp walks you through creating a press-savvy message and gets it to the press how they like it, and when they want it.

All the things journalists want. When you create a Dispatch, we walk you through providing everything a journalist needs to cover your story and music: audio (streaming and protected downloads), a short pitch, a long pitch, biography, hi-res photos, videos, tour details, release details, links, and genres.

A fast, easy, and professional presentation. An easy-to-upload interface allows you to be up and running quickly, yet creates a great looking “press kit” that makes it easy for the right journalists to find and consider your music for press coverage. Integration with the popular SoundCloud service makes audio easy. We provide tips along the way, and give you flexibility without overwhelming you.

We notify the press at the right times. The StoryAmp interface teaches you to have your information ready for the press early. For example, when you choose to send a Dispatch to one of our concert market press lists, StoryAmp will automatically get your Dispatch into the hands of the press three times, in the time frames journalists need to decide and confirm press coverage for your concerts. Set it up once, and StoryAmp takes care of the rest.

Pay as you go… or don’t pay at all. Get started with a free account. Once you get a feel for how it works, you may choose to upgrade to a premium account for a low monthly fee to add additional features. Choose to distribute a Dispatch to press in a single concert market or to press along your entire tour route. You control how much you want to spend and when. Where else can you start out free, pay as you go, and save thousands of dollars for a music press campaign?

Tried and true press lists. Our press lists have been developed and refined over a decade of veteran experience securing music press for clients. While we will continue to grow our lists, our core lists are solid traditional media; media that makes a difference for ticket and recording sales.

Real time press activity logs. StoryAmp’s activity logs allow you to see in real time what media outlets are seeing your Dispatches and how they interact with them. Did the New York Times just listen to track 1? Did the Washington Post just request your album? You can see that from your StoryAmp Activity Log. You can also compare the press reaction from one concert market to another.

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